Cantilevered Glass Stair

  • December 7, 2015
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This cantilevered glass stair design is magically invisible.

Sometimes a standard staircase is too intrusive or blocks out too much light, sometimes it just doesn’t set the scene….
These glass staircases are cantilevered and have no visible fixings so they are utterly transparent. They use the inherent strength of glass and the design intention is to generate that surreal "magic realism" or dreamlike quality which Magritte achieved in his paintings, where people or objects don’t follow the laws of gravity as we know them.
There is a gap between the treads and the balustrade wall, and between each tread, and the light fittings beneath each tread stress the weightlessness. You can see through the stair to the full width of the house and natural light from above has no barrier.

The designs are registered, fitting costs on request.

If you are interested in the cantilevered glass stair do make contact!


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