Eco Country House landscape plane
Passive house P POD
Passive House POD sections
Eco Country House open interior
Eco Country House in Landscape

Eco Country Houses


Eco country houses can be located sensitively in the countryside and an open site allows sensitive consideration of the geological context and the freedom to site a home as best suits environmental considerations.

The first design, called P POD, is a passivhaus quality eco house, a highly insulated design with heat exchanged ventilation.

In the second, the organising concept for the site landscaping and house itself is a grid of circles spaced to reflect the geopathic character of the site. These are expressed in different materials and planting, varying in density and size with the range of electromagnetic frequencies found.

The house is cut into the hillside with floorplates extending like strata. The slanting façade of the pv cells encloses the house, providing daylight, views and electricity.

If you want to develop your own country house with an eco approach do contact us.

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