Bespoke kitchen glass top
Bespoke kitchen shelf detail
Bespoke kitchen 30s house
Bespoke kitchen tall units
Bespoke kitchen units open

Bespoke Kitchens


A bespoke kitchen may be the best solution for you, as it can address these issues;
o No shoehorning of standard kitchen units in non standard spaces, the available space is maximised
o Modest cost compared to high cost of ‘brand’ kitchens which are assemblies of standard units,
o High quality of purpose made joinery, over standard units
o Worktop options; economic thicknesses of wearing surfaces fully supported rather than overly thick and expensive self spanning volumes of stone &c
o Precise spec of storage styles, finishes and details to suit you
o Integrated power outlets to avoid splashback conflicts

If you want a bespoke kitchen with robust construction and thoughtful design in every detail do contact us.


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